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While we don’t know everything about its exhibition, it is sheltered to state that great quality biodiesel fuel for the most part performs    well in engines. A few of the more significant focuses to remember are as per the following:



Engine power: engine power and torque will in general be 3 to 5 percent lower when utilizing biodiesel. This is because of the way that biodiesel fuel has less vitality per unit volume than customary diesel fuel.

Fuel efficiency:  fuel efficiency tends to be slightly lower when using biodiesel due to the lower energy content of the fuel. Typically, the drop-off is in the same range as the reduction in peak engine power (3-5 percent).

Engine wear:  short-term engine wear when using biodiesel has been measured to be less than that of petroleum diesel. While long-term tests have not been published, engines are expected to experience less wear in the long run when using biodiesel.


Engine Care When Running on Biodiesel

By and large, biodiesel fuel ought to have the option to be utilized conversely with conventional diesel. In any case, a few makers prescribe that you lessen the support interim (regularly by 50 percent) to guarantee that channels stay unclogged and the grease oil stays fit as a fiddle. Be that as it may, it is critical to counsel the maker of your engine for explicit suggestions.

Likewise, in view of biodiesel’s propensity to oxidize, you should exercise care in the event that you are intending to store your motor for any timeframe. It might be suitable to deplete the engine of all fuel before capacity, change back to petroleum diesel before capacity, or on the other hand include a fuel stabilizer.



Biodiesel Pumps  has been designed to conform and surpass stringent automotive fuel quality standards. Hence, Biodiesel Pumps is fully compatible with existing fuel infrastructure, distribution systems and engines. It is compatible with both old and new diesel engines.